7 Landscaping Ideas Designed to Increase Your Property Value

When thinking about all the different ways you could add value to your property, don’t overlook the exterior. Having eye-catching features and added interest in your yard can really elevate your home, which may pay off down the road. But remember, your landscaping ideas don’t have to be massive to have big impact.

Keeping Up With the Joneses

To add real value to your home, landscaping improvements need to fit in with the aesthetics of the surrounding neighbourhood. For example, if your home is the only house in the 'hood without a pool, consider installing one before selling. When it comes to landscaping, your home should be comparable to others.

Keep it Small

Big, overflowing flower beds look amazing but potential buyers may only see upkeep and effort. Working with your hands in the dirt has proven therapeutic qualities; however too much can be intimidating. Go for small- to medium-sized beds that allow for all the pretty without the constant prep and sweat.

Forest Bathing

If you’re going to invest in one type of plant, always opt for trees. They provide shade for the house, act as a windbreaker, and they appreciate in value the bigger they grow. Consult a designer about which varieties would work best in your yard and invest in the planet’s future — and future real-estate payouts.


Not everyone has time (or inclination) to maintain a lush landscape. Presenting a property with a low-maintenance alternative not only appeals to people’s busy schedules, but also adds instant curb appeal and is good for the environment too. By combining native plants and trees, you can create a beautiful outdoor space that reduces the needs for water, fertilizer, and pesticides.

Patty O

When the temperature begins to shift toward summertime highs, patios and decks become the de facto living and dining rooms. If you’re thinking about a value-added improvement for your property, these give between 10 to 20 per cent return on investment. There are even new longer-lasting materials hitting the market such as composite wood, which may push out prone-to-rot natural wood and cement.

Fencing Duel

A well-maintained, wooden fence adds significant value to your home — especially if you want to attract buyers with kids or pets. If your existing perimeter fence is in disrepair, consider replacing it as an essential investment in the property. Wood is expensive but is still the most popular material, not to mention one of the more environmentally sustainable options.

Simple Simon

Do what you can to add value to your outdoor spaces but be careful not to overdo it. As trends shift, an overdone yard can quickly become dated, so focus on keeping the design simple and classic. The more you add to a yard, such as a water feature or large garden beds, the more you have to maintain. Now that you have a handle on what landscaping projects have the potential to add value to your home, which one will you be tackling this spring?

Source  /  HGTV